Transmission Line

Wood Structure Replacements - Columbus 69 kV T/L

Columbus Light & Water

Columbus, Mississippi

Atwell & Gent provided full planning, design, procurement, and construction administration services required to replace the existing wood pole structures between the McArthur 69/13 kV Substation and the Brickyard 69/13 kV Substation. The design services for this project include transmission line survey and topography, planning, permitting, physical and electrical design, structure framing, phasing and final connections. Our firm was responsible for the review of vendor submittals and drawings as well as the incorporation of completed vendor drawings into the final construction package. Atwell & Gent was responsible for construction administration of the project, including project coordination and scheduling, and field inspections.

Project Details: 

  • Replacement of approximately 4.2 miles of existing 69 kV transmission line of wood pole structures with steel pole structures between McArthur 69/13 kV substation and the Brickyard 69/13 kV substation.