Northeast Starkville 161/13 kV Substation

Starkville Utilities

Starkville, Mississippi

Atwell & Gent provided full planning, design, procurement, and construction administration services required to add 15 kV main vacuum circuit breakers, an additional 15kV feeder vacuum circuit breaker, replace existing electromechanical relaying, and update existing protection schemes with new fast bus and breaker failure schemes. The project required extensive programming, logic, testing, and commissioning to ensure proper operation under a variety of system conditions (normal split bus, tied bus, one bank out of service, main VCB bypassed, etc.). Design services for this project included foundations, power and control raceways, and trench duct, station grounding, physical layout (section and elevation drawings), and electrical and controls layout and connections (single-line, three-line, schematic wiring, and point-to-point wiring drawings), relay panel drawings, elementary, current and potentials drawings.  Our firm was responsible for the procurement of major equipment (VCBS, substation steel, substation materials, trench duct, relay panels, relays, cables, etc.), review of vendor submittals and drawings, and incorporation of final vendor drawings into the final construction package.  Atwell & Gent was responsible for the construction administration of the project, including project coordination and scheduling, field inspections, and substation acceptance testing.

Project Details:

  • Installation of substation steel, bussing, isolation, and bypass switches.
  • Connection and grounding for main vacuum circuit breakers.
  • Replacement of all electromechanical backup overcurrent and differential relaying with new digital relays.
  • Implementation of fast bus and breaker failure schemes for both normal split bus and tied bus operation.