Blue Springs 13 kV Feeder Improvements

New Albany Light, Gas & Water Department

Atwell & Gent provided full planning, design, procurement and construction administration services required to relocate and replace one (a) 13 kV feeder circuit and install two (2) additional feeder circuits from the Blue Springs 161/13 kV substation to the Wellspring site south of U.S. Highway 78. The project required construction of 1.2 miles of new 13 kV double feeder circuits, reconnection to existing 13 kV feeder circuit, and reconnection of affected taps and services.

Atwell & Gent provided all planning, design, procurement and construction administration services for this project. Design services for this project included site surveys and mapping, planning, permitting, physical and electrical design, phasing and final connections. Our firm was responsible for review of vendor submittals and drawings, and incorporation of final vendor drawings into the final construction package. Atwell & Gent was responsible for construction administration of the project, including project coordination and scheduling, field inspections, and acceptance testing.